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Traveling as a couple

After the first moments of enthusiasm, when it comes to planning, many people start concentrating only on the challenges and forget about the good parts.

The divide and conquer technique has helped many adults in their trips together as a couple. Every person has its’ strengths and those must be used for the benefits of the couple.

When travelling it also might be necessary to negotiate but that is all right since tourists are generally overcharged.

However, stories will be told, challenges surpassed and connections will be stronger with a little enthusiasm, negotiation and planning. Staying healthy is the most important aspect. And for this matter, couples should start travelling in the nearby of their home and observe each others’ habbits.

While travelling to a citadel, in a car, my boyfriend kept his jacket. When we arrived at the destination, the weather was rainy and in the interior of the citadel it was still snowy in March. After an hour or so of visiting the citadel we visited a monastery and headed home.

In a few days, he started having fever and with all the medicine, the fever wouldn’t go down. In that weekend we waited and on Monday the family doctor asked for an X-ray and the results were: double pneumonia! and they kept him under strict surveillance.

Now we are more flexible and we listen and consult each other more. It has past more than a year from that event and we grew our courage and strength to start travelling again.

You must listen to your body and share thoughts, feelings, emotions but also sensations.


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April Fools’ Day

Some people enjoy it and some don’t but to our days, 1st of April is still Fools’ Day.

In France it has been celebrated on 1st of January or together with Easter celebrations but the story goes thousands of years back to the fourth century A.D.

Constantine I let someone else be a king for a day and the day was celebrated as The Fools’ Day.

There is a saying: “First make them laugh and then make them think…”

via news.nationalgeographic

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TDK D2405-LTO2 200/400GB LTO Ultrium 2 Tape Media 1 Pack

Is a cost effective professional data storage device.

With 200 GB and 20 MB per second is a really viable back-up solution.


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Manage psoriazis at home

Psoriazis can also be managed at home:

  • use oil fish, vitamin A and vitamin D
  • shower every day for a few minutes
  • apply natural body lotions  to moisturize the skin
  • use those medications and cremes recommended by the doctors
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Once again about patience…

You can have everything
Because in a way you are part of everything…
But you cannot have everything at once…

In order to reach various goals
One has to prioritize
To sacrifice various aspects of their life

To be happy one has to reach its own best:
Stop comparing so much, stop criticizing
Instead search for solutions

See what you can do in that moment in that time
Sometimes all you can do it is to wait…
To be patient… and maintain your hope

Embrace a positive attitude
keeping your goal in mind…
Altogether you will also need to adapt

Constantly you will redefine your goal
And remember that many times the journey
Is even more important and useful than the goal itself..

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